Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Marty Witczak, President

    Summer has ended and so has my summer season of trap. My team of five did an excellent job! I am proud of the growth in skill and persistence to improve each time we shot as a team. I take my hat off to Randy Revels, Louie Spanbauer, Chris Witczak, Bill Patek and of course myself as captain! Hopefully, these team members will all be back next summer to participate again! We have a winning team!


    It has been a while since my wife, and I returned home from our Scotland/Ireland trip and hunt of a lifetime. We had the honor to be guests of Michael and Danielle Grosse, the owners of International Adventures Unlimited Inc. I was hunting for a red stag and any other animal that I envisioned on my walls at home. I ended up with a massive forty-eight inch spread red stag, a beautiful white fallow deer and of course a trophy that Scotland is infamous for, a small and beautifully colored roe deer. We took this trip in September of 2021 and in the month of July 2023, I got a call from the taxidermist Brad Miller, who personally accompanies Michael and Danielle while they are hosting all their fall hunts in Scotland and who was the taxidermist that prepared my mounts, that he had completed them and they were ready to be picked up. Brad just so happens to reside in southern Wisconsin and so I gassed up my vehicle and set out to pick them up. I was filled with excitement as I drove to my destination! Once there, as I gazed at those three beautiful mounts, I could not believe they were mine and in my thoughts I could not thank Michael Grosse enough for the expert hunting experience that he had promised, and I had experienced.


    The excitement is growing as the board, and I have thoughts of the 2024 Hunting and Fishing Show and our 25th annual SCI Live Auction and Banquet. We will be back at the brand-new Stadium View in Green Bay Wisconsin. Let me explain, the Stadium View is not new, but the banquet hall has had a significant facelift! Check out these photos of the beautiful new renovations! The weekend of outfitters, hunting and fishing trophies, merchandise to purchase and of course the delicious munchies will be here before you know it and is happening the weekend of February 23rd through the 25th. The accommodation for the banquet and live auction is warm and inviting for all so we hope you plan to attend. Follow Northeast Wisconsin SCI Chapters Facebook page for what is happening locally and of course visit our SCI Website for all our up-to-date activities and some national news!


Until my next article, enjoy your liberties and stay safe.



I look forward to seeing you at our next Member's Meeting on October 11th at D2 Sports Bar in Green Bay.