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As we travel the world in search of adventure, we find ourselves in a unique position to be able to help those less fortunate then ourselves. Yes, our hunting fees go to building hospitals, schools and supporting the local economy, but to be able to put a smile on a child’s face is a feeling that is second to none. My hunting partner and I headed to South Africa in 2013, namely Mogalakwena River Lodge, to hunt plains game and relax.


Safari Club International has a Humanitarian program that includes the infamous "Blue Bag". We filled ours with children’s clothes donated by neighbors and friends. We included stuffed animals and children’s books as well. The reception we received from the village was overwhelming! There were 65 children associated with the school that we gave the items to. You can see by the pictures that the kids were very excited about our visit.


These children get porridge, milk and fruit three times a day – IF they’re lucky. They don’t have blankets or warm clothes when it gets cold and trust me – it does get cold. Some of these kids rarely see their parents because they are working dawn til dusk. Yet, the children are filled with such joy and are willing to share it with anyone who is there to help.


I found that these little people have no personal bubble and within minutes of my arrival they had surrounded me trying to see what was in the blue bag. Their smiles and giggles were contagious. I felt as though I had just been given a gift, not them. They shared their new treasures with each other and celebrated their new friend (me). I didn’t want to leave and I can’t wait to go back.


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