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My son Andrew and I hunted with Willem Mans of KumKum Game Ranch in Namibia this past August. We wanted to participate in the SCI Blue Bag program and maximize what we were able tobring over, so we packed all of our personal clothing into one suitcase and took three SCI blue bags. My wife, Susan, who was unable to accompany us, spearheaded the collection of 150 pounds of t-shirts, shorts, and assorted clothing from friends and relatives. She supplemented this by several trips to Wal-Mart for flip-flops, school supplies, tooth brushes/tooth paste, candy, etc. We dropped in unannounced at the Michel Durocher Primary School in Warm Bad, Namibia. The teachers gathered all of the kids together for this group picture prior to our distributing the goods. It was so gratifying to share in their joy!












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