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The decision to take Safari Care Blue Bags to South Africa in May 2010, was one that we will definitely make again. This was our second hunting trip to the Limpopo province. Since we had previously viewed the poverty, the decision was an easy one. Daily laundry service included in our stay made it easy to consolidate our belongings into one suitcase. Between four hunters we were able to pack 100# of clothes, school supplies and personal care items into two blue bags which counted as our second piece of luggage. In addition, 50 # of candy was hidden amongst our own suitcases and carry-ons.


We hunted with Motshwere Safaris. Werner Lewis was very excited to see the items brought to help in the community. He drove us to the schools and assisted us in translating our conversations. We first visited sixth graders at Ikitsing Primary School. Teachers and children surprised us with numerous upbeat Christian and native songs to show their appreciation. We handed out school supplies, trinkets and candy. We then journeyed to a kindergarten class. We were treated to big smiles and laughter as we handed out stuffed animals and candy. In addition, we also had clothes and personal care supplies that we gave to the farm workers and their families. We repeatedly heard, “thank you” with a sincere tone that will leave an everlasting imprint in our lives.


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